Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sad Sacks and The Enforcer

After all that talk about how my sports fan energy has shifted to the Royals, I do have to say that they've looked fairly bad every time I've watched them for the past week and a half.

I'm sitting here watching them get dominated by Javier Vazquez, managing a mere five hits through eight innings. He has ten strike outs, and before the third strike on DeJesus to give him #10, David looked at his bat and exhaled as if he were completely overwhelmed.

Brian Bannister managed to give up four hits, three of which were home runs, but he did make it a full seven innings, which is the first time he's accomplished that feat since June 23rd. That was also the last time he won a game. I don't think that's mere coincidence.

Honestly, aside from Zack Greinke becoming The Enforcer lately, there hasn't been a lot to like. Now, while I'll have to wait for the insider's knowledge on the subject until the sure-to-come entry from Sam Mellinger, I can say that it was pretty sweet watching the game Saturday with a casual baseball fan and getting to see Greinke peg Delmon Young, inciting an intervention which prevented a mound charge from the noted hot-head. Now I didn't have the time to rewind the game back to the second inning, but if I had been able to, I'd imagine that Delmon spent a little too much time admiring his fifth(!) home run of the season. Coming hot off the heels of a suspension-yielding start for a retaliatory bean ball, Greinke--ever the calculator--waited until he was nearing the 100-pitch mark yet again and nailed Delmon Young.

I loved it.

Much more than that painful first outing of Josh Newman that just ended.


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