Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm So Excited, I'm So Excited, I'm So Scared (Well, Maybe Not the Scared Part)

For those averse to reading about my political views, please avert your gaze. Come back tomorrow. I'll finally have that Tropic Thunder review I've promised multiple times. Well, maybe I won't, but I'll have something up and it won't be political or Royals related (I hope).

As this is essentially a platform for me to spout off about whatever tickles my fancy, prepare for my barely informed political views to litter the net.

I am excited about the Democratic ticket. Obviously, I have written before about how I feel about Obama. To paraphrase my prior statements, I have a political man-crush on him. I have often found myself agreeing with what politicians have had to say, but the occasions that I have actually been moved by what a politician has said have been rare to say the least.

From the moment he took the podium at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, Barack Obama has spoken to my political hopes and dreams. He has inspired often. He has restored a bit of the hope I once had for the future of the country I call home.

Sure, there have been bumps in the road. Some of his votes and statements after seizing the nomination have incensed those further to his left.

His FISA vote rankled his most idealistic supporters, but to vote against what amounts to a National Security bill in this climate would distanced him from many of the centrist independents that he'll clearly be relying on to win this election. Too much hinges on this election to be that reckless. And unlike his opponent, who later bashed Obama, he actually showed up to cast his vote. Absolving the phone companies for their complicity in the wiretapping program may be upsetting, but the alternative would merely tie up the courts costing the taxpayers what would surely figure to be millions of dollars when all is said and done. Moreover, any domestic wiretapping is still subject to judicial oversight in the form of obtaining warrants, so much of the outrage from the left wing of the party seems to me to be at least a little on the alarmist side.

There's no getting around it: To win the election, Obama will have to hedge to the center.

All that being said, keeping up with the election has been a bit tiresome of late. There's been very little that has happened, and honestly the partisan bickering and growing mud-slinging can wear on a person.

In choosing Biden as his running mate, Obama has given me something to be excited about again. Biden was the only other candidate for the Democratic nomination I was really excited about when the primaries began. Now that he's the Vice Presidential candidate, I'm ecstatic about the ticket. Maybe an Obama/Webb ticket would have been better, but he pulled his name out of contention ages ago, and Biden certainly offers the experience needed to legitimize the ticket in the eyes of the doubters.

I can safely say I'm looking forward to the Vice Presidential debates that are sure to come, as Biden will no doubt give his opponent a proper lashing.
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