Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kila Kaaihue: Our fingers are crossed

Over the past couple of days Kila Kaaihue has been getting written about quite a bit. There's this article in the Star, and its ensuing response from Rany. He's the first player mentioned in the latest Farm Report over at MVN, too. He was Texas League Player of the Month in July, after which he was called up to AAA-Omaha. He's been hitting lefties in his new setting. He is the new hope. Moreover, this has absolutely come out of nowhere.

We Royals fans want this dream to come true. We don't ask for much. We get even less. Is it too much for us to get just this one insane breakout?

I don't think so.

So maybe the Royals have lucked into the next Steve Balboni. Isn't it sad we have to hope for that?

1 comment:

Little Brother said...

Kila Kaaihue is to the Royals as Nick Blackburn is to the Twins

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