Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mercurial Royals

If this year's Royals have proven anything, it's that they're prone to streakiness. Currently in the midst of a string of seven wins in eight games, the Kansas City Royals are hot once again. Maybe their abysmal series against Detroit after the break was a wakeup call.

Gil Meche has all four starts he's made since the break and has an ERA well under 3.00 in his last eleven starts.

Greinke has been flashing some dominant stuff and actually shredded the White Sox over the weekend.

Speaking of the White Sox over the weekend, how about that brawl and the later ejection of Greinke. Maybe it's not the responsible sports fan sentiment to root for your team to start brawling, but it is refreshing to see the Royals refuse to take shit off anyone. Greinke pegging Swisher in the ass later was the icing on the cake. Maybe the aggression will strike fear into the hearts of all comers. And sure, the bases were juiced, and Carrasco probably didn't mean to hit the clearly volatile but not particularly fearsome Miguel Olivo, but I'm not really caring that he charged the mound because this is a team that has been lacking in the fire for quite some time. If nothing else, I think Olivo and Guillen bring a passion to this team that was altogether absent prior to their arrival.

And let's not get ahead of ourselves. The Royals are not contending for the AL Central title this season, but maybe they can make that step back towards respectability that we Royals fans so desperately long for.

Our desires are simple ones.

Give us something to root for.

God knows the Chiefs won't.

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