Friday, August 8, 2008

Brett Favre es en Nueva York ahora

So Brett Favre is a Jet.

I haven't really weighed in on the whole saga because who gives a fuck what I think about it, but I'll remain silent no longer.

I know the Packers were moving on without him once he announced his retirement. I know they think Aaron Rodgers is the future or at least feel that they need to find out what they've got in him. I know it's hard on the fans and the franchise to have their most iconic player who happens to hold just about every passing record known to man flip-flop back and forth between retiring and not retiring. I know some of the players think it is time to go with Aaron Rodgers.

But this is Brett Fucking Favre. Can anyone really think Aaron Rodgers is taking them to the NFC Championship Game this season? Hell, I don't even think he's the best quarterback on the team without Favre. I'd be willing to bet money on Brohm being their starter by next season. With the same team and Rodgers at the helm last year, the Packers are lucky to get to 9 - 7.

Will the Jets make the playoffs? Probably not. But they aren't exactly a good team. It will give me something to talk about with my Jets fan friends, Leo and Brian, as I'll certainly be more inclined to watching Jets games now.

At least he'll still be wearing a classy uniform. He'd have looked horrible in that new Vikings uni or that atrocious Buccaneers one.

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