Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Brawl Revisited

Just a quick return to the brawl on Sunday. Over at Sam Mellinger's Royals Blog for the Star, Mellinger writes:

In other news, Zack Greinke's final pitch plunked Nick Swisher in the hip, and my first thought was, "THAT's how you hit somebody."

Greinke said the right things afterward, that he had trouble with the fastball inside to lefties all day, that the 7th was his worst inning, it was hot out there, so maybe he just a little tired.

So then I thought, "THAT's how you avoid a suspension."

I couldn't help but laugh at the suspension line. When you watch the replay, there can be no doubt that Greinke is trying to hit that creepy bearded Swisher. He pegs him right in the ass. And it looks like it hurts. It's pretty nice to see.

Maybe Mellinger is right, and the Royals have found their new rival. It shouldn't be too hard to learn to hate these White Sox.

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