Sunday, August 17, 2008


I have to second Rany's sentiments regarding the Royals draft after the August 15th signing day has finally passed. To see them shell out more money than any team in the history of the game in the draft is one of those eye-rubbing, jaw-dropping occurrences that make you wonder if there is a tumor eating away at David Glass's brain. In a good, maybe-this-team-can-be-competitive-some-day kind of way.

Right before the midnight deadline passed, they got Eric Hosmer's name on the line for a mere $6 million minor league contract. Another Boras client, another signing just under the wire.

Obviously, Hosmer may not pan out--maybe none of their signings do--but I have to say it's nice to see them spend the kind of money they're spending on building up their farm system. The deeper the farm system, the better they can be in the long term, as free agent acquisitions are merely short-term solutions whereas a strong farm system allows them to reload early and often, much like the Braves did through the '90's and the Marlins seem to be doing lately.


Once again, the internet has been spotty at best, so I'm going to wait to post a review of Tropic Thunder. I may try to go to it again in the next day or two to focus it a little more.

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