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Josh "Old Man" Duggan - In what seems like eons ago, he majored in English Literature and minored in Film Studies while "studying" at the University of Minnesota. This of course qualified him for nothing upon entering into the real world, leading to a professional existence consisting of slinging lattes and piloting riverboats.

In his downtime, he can be found blogging about pop culture at Inconsiderate Prick, the Kansas City Royals at Royals Review and Royalscentricity, and at the seminal but defunct Law & Order: SVU blog Munch My Benson.

He muses in 140 characters or less using the handle @oldmanduggan.

Young Man Duggan - Shockingly he is the younger hermano of Old Man Duggan. He can occasionally be found writing at the aforementioned Inconsiderate Prick and Munch My Benson and once wrote a now defunct blog about the Minnesota Twins called The Apple Capital Rumble.

He is on the Twitter under the moniker @drewseph42.

Wordy Ginters - Wordy Ginters is a Civil Servant in Nebraska. He’s also these things: Father. Husband. Dancer. Demon. Royals fan. Lover. Baker. Fool.

Tweets as @wordyginters.

Word Mule - Word Mule used to drive a 1988 Chevy Corsica equipped with a tape deck and a glove compartment full of bootleg R.E.M. concert tapes. Best car he ever owned. He heard it was last seen in 2006 parked outside a run-down Dairy Queen in the town of What Cheer, Iowa. Give him a call if you know of its current whereabouts.

Tweets a ton @biblio_burro.

Craig Scholes - Jack of all trades, master of none. Excels in driving a forklift and cooking steak. Also has opinions on things and usually gives them out when they are least wanted.

Occasionally tweets under the alias @anaveragegatsby.
Amateur podcaster 
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