Thursday, August 21, 2008

O-V-R, Over (Scattershot Royals Thoughts)

If you needed any sign that the Royals season was over, look no further than their recent signing of Kip Wells, who hasn't been serviceable in years.

Is it too early to hope for them to just take a dive and make a run at the first pick of the draft next year?

Hell, Soria got tagged last night.

I'm just glad I wasn't watching as the Royals squandered a great Gil Meche start.

Maybe the Royals will decide to re-send Newman back to Omaha and call Rosa up to see what they've got. I'm sure that starts his service time sooner than they want, though. Is it worth not having him up and having to watch Newman, though? I kind of think it's not.

And not that I'm trying to relish the injury of a Royal, but maybe the broken face of Mitch Maier will lead to the call-up of Kila and the shifting of Gload to the outfield where he can rip balls down from the wall with aplomb.

Only it won't. Gathright will get called up, and we'll have to wait and see if Kila is ready for the bigs.

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