Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rude awakenings

Well, I wasn't actually asleep, but Wednesday night at about 12:45 (that technically being Thursday at 12:45 am) a storm ripped the hell out of Austin. It was possibly the worst storm I'd ever been in. Wind was howling at a brisk 70 mph; hail was pelting everything in site. The house shook violently. Well, that was probably because of the tree that fell on it, but that's besides the point. Our backyard now looks like a jungle.

When the worst of the storm had seemed to pass, my first instinct was to check on the satellite dish. Making my way through the disaster area that was the deck, I was greeting by the satellite dish hanging precariously over my car in a tree. Awesome. What had happened was that a few branches had blown into the dish, snagging themselves on the arm that comes out from the dish, and when the branches recoiled, they ripped the dish from the deck. Well, at 1:00 am the night before the one morning shift I have a week at Little City, I got to try to rip the dish from the grips of a tree with 'Toine (Happy Birthday) pulling it towards the deck with a rope and Jackie shining a flash light on the arm so I could see what I was doing. All of this was, of course, in the pouring rain.

It obviously could have been worse. My car could have been the car I drove past that was resting firmly under a fallen tree on 9th Street two blocks east of Lamar, or the tree could have fallen through the roof onto my TV, which I love.

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