Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jesus Christ...

Up five runs.

Two outs in the top of the ninth.

Five runs score?

Lose in extras, essentially because Soria isn't available to get one out, since he went two last night in an extra inning game.

An eight-inning 3 ER start from Greinke gets completely wasted. Eight runs scored get wasted.

This is just going to go on forever, isn't it?


1 comment:

Little Brother said...

Seems eerily similar to Blackburn's gem he threw Tuesday night, only to lose in the ninth inning.

I would have called you to make fun of you were it not for the fact that I stopped watching in the 8th when I thought the game was over.

These last two games just prove the point that you need to watch the whole game because you never know.

Fuck Delmon Young. He better have an off night and....I can't believe I'm about to say this, but....Craig Monroe [gulp] should be in the lineup

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