Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Call me Natalie Imbruglia because I'm torn

So I feel compelled to post at least periodically about baseball and especially the Royals because I get a fair amount of hits (at least in terms of hits on this blog) based on being linked up on Royals Nation as a Royals blog. And I do love the Royals (and blog about them a bit), so I think the linking is justified even if this isn't strictly a Royals blog. The problem is, every time I write about the Royals, they lose. They get no-hit. They lose to Zombie Colon. They make a rookie look like a white Satchel Paige. They drop games like it was what they were born to do. So what the hell?


So I had some German* bitch** freak out at me for putting her drink in a to-go cup because I was out of the mugs that fit her drink (mind you, she never specifically stated her order was not to go). I set her drinks down on the counter. Without provocation or really any words spilling from my mouth, she instantaneously turned into a super bitch and started essentially accosting me because her drink wasn't in a demitasse. She had a baby on her hip. Great example you're setting for your kid, lady. I'm sure you're a great parent... If it ever happens again, she will be 86'd.

*I'm assuming she was German here. She had an accent that sounded German. I'm sure she could have been Dutch or Austrian or something. Not really taking the time to inquire as to her origins.

**Bitch is a term I don't throw around lightly when describing women. Bitchy is one thing. Bitch as a verb is another. Bitch when talking about a woman is completely earned if I'm using it.


And, from Jay Bruce's Yahoo! Player Profile:

May 21 Hal McCoy, of the Dayton Daily News, reports Cincinnati Reds OF Jay Bruce is hitting .529 in his last 14 games with five home runs and 15 RBIs at Triple-A Louisville.

What the hell, Cincy? Corey Patterson is sitting at a .227/.270/.398 split. Griffey's not the problem.

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Little Brother said...

I'm waiting for the Jay Bruce call-up.

If you at least mention the Royals every day, you'll overcome the jinx because it's not like they can lose out...

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