Thursday, May 8, 2008

Reflections on my Iron Man Review

A couple of you (read: the only two people who read this goddamn blog) took umbrage at a few of the knocks I had on "Iron Man", so I'll address those complaints and have it count as a post because I worked from 8:00-3:00, went to the gym, and then worked from 5:00 - 10:45. I would like to talk about the Democratic Primaries (even though I can't be bothered to actually pay any attention to them anymore), but that's more work than I have energy for.

First, I, too, think "Batman Begins" was awesome. My only major problem with the movie (Katie Holmes' presence was not nearly the problem for me that it was for Ms. Jaclyn) was that Batman's voice when he was Batman sounded little like Bruce Wayne. I understand that he was 'in disguise', but it does take me out of the film just a little bit and that shouldn't happen.

Second, Downey interacting with the robots was funny at times (it's not like George Lucas wrote--and I feel like I'm denigrating the word 'wrote' by applying it to something that George Lucas shat out onto a page/screen--the scenes), but I think him working with Yinsen was truly engaging largely because of the human interaction. The simple step of integrating Pepper or Rhodes into the work process could have done wonders and added a little more screen time and provided for an opportunity to flesh out a character or two.


To keep up-to-date on The Glitter and Doom Tour, the eyeball kid seems to stay pretty on top of it all. That shouldn't be a surprise to some of you, but if you're trying to keep apprised of what's going on, that's as good a place to go as any. Also, rumors are swirling (and I swear I didn't start them myself) that this tour may be to accompany a new album, which would kind of make sense, but to drop this on the unsuspecting public with such little notice seems Radiohead-ian.


Little Brother said...

masturbation wasn't brought up in this post...unless you were when you wrote it?

Weibel said...

Anything to get more hits on your Blog?

Old Man Duggan said...

Metaphorical. The post was essentially masturbatory.

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