Friday, May 2, 2008

Off to the Great North

Or something. Tomorrow morning I get to show my friend Andy that his wedding means enough to me to fly up to Milwaukee (yeah, the poor man's Cleveland--according to Joe Posnanski--which is basically the poor man's Pittsburgh) for the weekend. I do get to see friends and get drunk, so that's cool. I just wish it was in Minneapolis.

Why can't everyone think of Josh when planning their weddings?

They should.

Also, it's not warm up there. I think it snowed in Minneapolis last weekend. It's supposed to rain tomorrow in Milwaukee. That's fucked up. Do they know that it's May now? Someone send them the memo, ASAP.

I better get to eat some Potato Ole's tomorrow. Yeah, Chad, when I go to Milwaukee, I eat Taco John's. You can't not.

So I'm sorry for mailing this blog entry in reader. I will be incommunicado por este semana. That could be right, maybe.


Also, it would appear as though that fire that I lit under the collective asses of our Kansas City Royals was a short-lived one. Two straight losses to the less than good Rangers, and the Royals find themselves four games under .500 again. And a stellar Zack Greinke start was wasted, to boot.



Finally, I hope to see "Iron Man" this weekend upon my return to Austin. If so, be expecting a reaction soon.

And I really can't wait for "The Foot Fist Way" to open.

What are your feelings on Wordman?

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