Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tube Steak: "Snuff Box"

I just saw the entire run of "Snuff Box" this evening. What a weird trip that was...

For the most part it was pretty great. It definitely crossed over into the realm of super-lewd at times, which is all right by me. Its continuing story lines are sometimes curiously woven together, which can make it slightly head-scratching, but for the most part it is pretty goddamn funny, even if it does veer into the absurdly weird like this:

Or the absolutely righteous, like this:

And Matt Berry wrote all the music for the show, too, which is a good thing if you loved "One Track Lover" as much as I did. He and Rich Fulcher play off one another well, with Fulcher playing the irritating American to a 't'. All in all, very funny and something you should get your hands on.

1 comment:

Little Brother said...

haha...i love these guys

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