Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Musicalia: Wait, Bruce Who?

All right, just to forewarn you, there will be an inordinate amount of Bruce Springsteen posts coming down the pike. This is merely the first of many. Well, not the first. I have written about him before, including a travelogue of sorts last spring when Chad, Mark, and I went to see him in Dallas. If you are interested, it is here (be forewarned, there will be references to defecation in that post, but if that scares you off, you should probably avoid this site).

Now, that was my first time seeing The Boss, which means I had my mind fucking blown. Amazing. Walking out, I just wanted to see him again. That's cool, because if things go according to plan, I will get to see him again. On April 5th. And I can probably walk there if I'm feeling particularly pumped.

So you'll not be hearing long-winded accounts of defecating in disturbingly black bathrooms or feeling sorry for the gayest kid in Hillsboro, Texas. No, Bruce Springsteen is coming to town on the Working on a Dream tour.

And Mr. Springsteen, if you're reading this and need a place to stay, there's room at my house. I would totally hang out with you if you asked.

1 comment:

Little Brother said...

I like "Tomorrow Never Knows," "Last Carnival," and obviously "The Wrestler." It's alright, but it may have to grow on me...

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