Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tube Steak: Encouraging News

So apparently "Friday Night Lights" premiered with encouraging numbers. This is somewhat shocking because the entire season has already played on DirecTV's TV101 as part of their split-production-cost deal they cut with NBC Universal. Obviously, not everyone has DirecTV as their cable/satellite provider, but it was expected to cut into the potential ratings of the show, yet it was 300,000 viewers from second place in its time slot, and its viewership is not exactly the kind that is in the house on Friday nights.

I did see almost this whole season (shit got messed up with the DVR) and it was pretty good, relative shortness notwithstanding.

1 comment:

Little Brother said...

It was a good start to the season. You bastards with silver spoons in your mouths can blow me...I'll keep my cable.

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