Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Man on Film: Synechdoche, New York

Call me lazy, but I really don't know that I can actually write a review of this film.

Simply said, "Synecdoche" should be seen if only so that you can make your own judgment on the film.

I personally liked it, but by the end I was completely emotionally and mentally drained. I still don't feel like I have completely wrapped my head around it. I'm not entirely sure that five more viewings would change that.

It is completely unlike anything I can think of, and it's a helluva trip into the neurotically warped mind of Charlie Kaufman. But it is not an easy watch.

I did get the sense early on that upon having his first trauma to his head that the film might be going into a dream realm, but there was little to no evidence to support that by the end of the film past the growing sense of surreal neurosis that began to envelop the film.

I really think I am just not smart enough to decipher the film's meaning upon one viewing.

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KRD said...

WHAT did you like about it?

It seems to me that the reason that you don't feel like you could figure it out (even watching it 5 more times, and actually that thought makes me physically ill) is not because you aren't smart enough but rather that the film isn't REALLY about anything near as deep as anyone seems to think it is. It's a snow job. Like Finnegan's Wake. The point of art is communication--if something is so obscure and personally associative that no one can figure out what the hell it is supposed to be about, then it isn't very good art.

I really hated this film.

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