Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two of my boys be makin' some noise

No, I know what you're thinking, and Burt Reynolds and Ben Affleck did not start a thrash metal band. Releasing this statement on his website and widely reported on here, the Boss endorsed Barack Obama. Even sweeter than that, he called out the media for their retarded coverage of this election, choosing to focus on quotes taken out of context rather than, oh, have an insightful discourse on the issues. Kudos, Bruce. Kudos.

More thoughts on Bruce...

During the encore in his concert at the American Airlines Center, he brought a group of elementary school girls, who had been cheering their asses off from the floor, up on stage to dance to "Dancing in the Dark". And dance they did. And, while I'm usually the guy who's sitting there irritated by what kids are doing, I have to admit it was cute.

The only problem here is that Bruce has now ruined concerts for these girls. Seriously. When are these girls ever going to have another concert that measures up to what they got on Sunday night? They saw the Boss. He engaged them in conversation earlier in the concert. He got them up on stage and let them dance all around him. Then he hugged them as they left the stage. And it was Bruce Fucking Springsteen. It's not like we're talking about some girls getting up on stage with Big Head Todd and the Monsters or the Gin Blossoms. They got all this at a Springsteen concert in what was likely a few of their first concert experiences. Nothing can ever measure up to that, and they couldn't possibly have an appropriate degree of appreciation for what they got, and when they hit their 20's they'll probably start to doubt their recollection as to how great that night was.

Well, if you're reading this sometime in the future little girls, you had the best night of your life on April 13, 2008. Nothing will ever compare. Not even childbirth. You peaked. But it was a helluva peak.

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Weibel said...

I am with you on the whole bull shit wacky word play going on, yes I am referencing "Chasing Amy". I think Barack is the bigger person here, not really playing the game calling out other candidates on some bull shit they said. Did you catch the Daily Show bit on elitism, indicating it is about time we get someone better than the average joe dipshit...good stuff.

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