Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well the Royals certainly seem to have come back to Earth. They're back below .500, where I'd imagine just about everyone outside of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area expected them to be. I still think they can finish close to .500, but this recent slide has been discouraging to say the least. The pitching has not looked good.


So right before I watched Peter Johansen's Vlog about his sitemeter, I decided to go out and get one. In his entry, which I watched no longer than five minutes after I installed one on this site, he talked about how some user from Bumfuck, Canada, stumbled across his site while googling "thin beard". Well, upon seeing how random people stumble across my site, my initial reaction would be to change things drastically. Among the varied searches that brought outsiders to this blog were "Jason Segel cock shot" and "cock, prick". If you were among the curious, "cock, prick" took a fella from China to my Gratuitous Soapy Cock Shots post on that fucking Village People movie.

I have, of course, decided against a change in content, as a change in content would have to spring forth as a result of a change from within. Anyone who knows me knows that won't be happening soon.


Among the trailers showing before "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" were the trailers for "Tropic Thunder", "The Foot Fist Way", "Iron Man", "Hulk", and "Pineapple Express".

First, how fucking desperate is Marvel for the Hulk franchise to work. They just made a movie, what, four years ago? They're already rebooting the series in the hopes of making an Avengers movie? Lame.

"Iron Man" does not look lame. Not at all. The Times had an extensive feature on Downey in the Life & Arts section Sunday. It can be read here.

"Tropic Thunder" is hard to not get excited about. Blackface Downey looks to be awesome, and say what you will about post-Zoolander Stiller, his directorial stuff has been pretty good.

As for "Pineapple Express", holy fuck does it look awesome.

So does "The Foot Fist Way". If for some weird reason, you've not seen the trailer, here it is (red-band, hence NSFW).


And, in other movie miscellany, I'd like to direct your attention to this "Eddie and the Cruisers"-centric portion of Tom Berenger's IMDB page. Merry Christmas, ladies and gents.


Finally, good luck tomorrow, Barack.

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Little Brother said...

The Foot Fist Way looks solid.

Possible outside traffic is why I'm trying to keep it "clean".

I'll point out that you're beyond the KC metro area.

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