Monday, April 7, 2008

You can't buy class (but you sure as shit can drink it)

So, I'm sitting here watching Brewster's Millions,

as any upstanding citizen would be doing on a Monday at noon, and at one point in the film he's drinking a Miller High Life that he's poured into a glass. In a recent post, I spoke of my affinity for the Champagne of Beers, and despite its bargain basement prices I do think it's a pretty solid beer. Now, that bottle of High Life in the film looks exactly the same as it does now 23 years later. There aren't many things you can say that about. And it's a classy bottle at that. I wish everything was as classy as High Life...

Speaking of class, the little engine that could, the Kansas City Royals, sit tied atop the division one week into the season with a record of 4-2. They did drop two of three in the Dome, but Tomko looked surprisingly good, and Soria struck out the side in an inning for the second time in his four outings this season. Gordon and Teahen have been encouraging so far. Perhaps it is as they go, so go the Royals. Aside from poor outings from Meche and Bale on Friday and Saturday, their pitching has looked very good. And their bullpen has been lights out, with Mahay being the only reliever (not counting Tomko in a relief appearance in the opener) to give up an earned run, and he's pitched 3 1/3 innings. Encouraging signs all around one week into the season.

As a fantasy owner, I got screwed out of two home runs this week. One in my keeper league with the Cardinals opener getting rained out and Pujols getting a home run stolen from him; the other in my Austin league with Carlos Beltran getting robbed of a home run that was called out initially and then the umpires in the infinite wisdom decided to reverse their decision even though upon showing the instant replay their initial call was correct. The Pujols homer being negated cost me a tie in the category and a 6-5-1 win for the week. Color me unhappy, but dems da breaks, I guess.

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Anonymous said...

I know the Miller High Life commerials can be annoying, but I think they ring true a good message about not being a deuche!! I mean come on Sky boxes are for deuches!!

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