Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jared Allen... Gone.

Well, Carl Peterson's gone and done it again. Obviously, he knows what's best for the franchise as his record of playoff success in the last decade is testament to. Or as his ability to evaluate talent in the draft, never reaching and never having high-profile picks flop.

Well, in his infinite wisdom, he decided that he could strong-arm the best pass rusher--nay, the only pass rusher--that the Chiefs have had since Derrick Thomas. He chose to do this after Allen stated he would not re-sign with the team if they slapped him with the franchise tag. As a result of Jared Allen expressing his unwillingness to re-sign with the team after next season, the Chiefs (read: Carl Peterson) traded Jared Allen to the Vikings for their first round pick and their two third round picks, and that is some pretty good value, I guess.

Unfortunately, Carl Peterson is running this team. So more than likely one of the following will happen: With the Fifth Overall Pick of the Draft the Kansas City Chiefs select Matt Ryan; With the Fifth Overall Pick of the Draft the Kansas City Chiefs select Chris Long; With the Fifth Overall Pick of the Draft the Kansas City Chiefs select Ryan Clady. I'm not sold on Ryan. I will, as stated months ago on this blog, hate Chris Long. And Clady is not the fifth pick of the draft. Any of those options look terrible to me, but it sure seems like Carl Peterson will do one of those things, and when drafting Matt Ryan is the least retarded of the scenarios that will probably play out, this is looking to be another shitty Chiefs draft.

Maybe I'll be surprised. Maybe Dorsey will fall to the Chiefs, and Carl Peterson will jump on him. Maybe. I'm not holding my breath, though.

The worst part of all of this is that I really think that Jared Allen wanted to remain a Chief. That is, of course, until Carl Peterson decided he could bully Allen around. The same guy who was bullied by Larry Johnson into a ridiculous contract after setting the record for carries, and accordingly times hit, in a season the year prior. So Carl plays the bully, then trades the player he bullied (who was arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL last year) for draft picks, which in theory is a good idea, especially with the picks he got, but they'll surely be squandered as his track record points to.

And now Jared Allen is a Viking. Fuck. How many players do the Vikings have to ruin for me? Greenway? T-Rich? Now Allen? They'll probably coax Christian Okoye out of retirement, convince Joe Montana to suit up for them since T-Jack blows, and reanimate Derrick Thomas's corpse only to have him become the all-time sack leader in NFL history (cementing his Hall of Fame status, but entering in as a Viking).

I hate Carl Peterson.

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