Monday, March 3, 2008

The Offseason has begun!

And the Chiefs are already making a losers list. Awesome.

Now, I am actually fine with all of the players they've released so far with the possible exception of Jason Dunn, who I think still has a little juice left in the tank. I think Clayton is maybe getting a little ahead of himself in stating that the Chiefs aren't going to be able to get better after releasing the likes of Law, Bell, Reed, Bober, Welbourn, and Kennison. All of them were marginal contributors at best last season, and many were worth far, far less than they were getting paid, if they weren't so bad as to be absolute liabilities. I do agree that perhaps signing another linebacker was maybe a little misguided, as their linebackers were the one thing that could have been considered a strength last season, but a little depth never hurt anyone. Maybe, just maybe, they're planning on going 3-4 on me, which would be like a wet dream.

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