Saturday, March 22, 2008

Upswings, Downturns, and Irritation

It's articles like this (thanks to bases on the KC Star board for the heads up) that give me, a Royals fan hope.

I guess things could be worse. I could be a Giants fan. They're apparently interested in Kotchman and Mathis, who are not nearly enough to help the Giants, who promise to be an historically bad offensive team as evidenced by this article, which was a front page article in the San Francisco Chronicle according to my sources in Santa Cruz.

And, as a keeper owner of Jay Bruce, I'd like to step out and say I have joined the legions of baseball fans who curse Dusty Baker's name. I blame him solely for the signing of Corey Patterson and the subsequent demotion of my boy back to AAA-Louisville.

I should also note that my little brother, who has been known to comment here, has his own blog, to which I put a link to a few weeks ago. It may veer towards the Twins-centric, but he is a Chiefs fan, for which he can be granted a pass.

Lastly, in a sportsless note, my boy made the Post today (registration required)--and it wasn't for making sweet sweet love to Jimmy Kimmel (link included for the one person in the world who hasn't seen that).

Post-script: I finished watching the clip I linked to, and there was this weird-ass Meat Loaf stuff tacked on to the end. I thought about changing the link, but I almost think it's better to have that link there and as the video changes over, you can sit there and wonder what the fuck VoomGurl49 was thinking when she put that file up.

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