Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Out of commission

So, I've been travelling the world over.

Well, not really, but I was in Chicago for the weekend and now I'm with the folks and my sister and her husband in D.C. We went to Montpelier and Monticello today. They were both impressive.

In Chicago, my keeper league did its post-keeper draft. I drafted Shaun Marcum, only to be laughed at and told that he was out for the year with a torn labrum. If you are sitting there wondering why you didn't hear that (just like I hadn't, but I'd not been thoroughly scouring injury reports, so the possibility was there), that would be because he didn't tear his labrum. He's fine. Someone confused Marcum with Casey Janssen. Disaster averted, but I didn't find out until today that the Kansas City (Excelsior Springs represent) native was just fine, so I spent the last two days beating myself up for my presumed oversight.


I also had a scare at O'Hare. I thought I was flying American Airlines after giving a quick glance to a sheet of paper that I had printed off, so I went to Terminal 3, got in line at the American Airlines domestic flights counter, looked at my sheet, and realized that I was flying on fucking United. It was 11:00 am. I was to fly out of O'Hare at 12:00. I had to bust ass back to Terminal 1, where I had to wait in a long line at the United counter, hoping that I would get there early enough to still get a boarding pass while I impatiently tapped my feet. I did end up getting to the gate about two minutes before they started boarding, but this was the only time I've ever cut it that close. I can't wait for Sunday, when I have all of 40 minutes at the St. Louis Airport to get from one gate to another, assuming the first flight is on time...

Wish me luck.

I may or may not be able to write again this week.

I have to help my parents figure out what's wrong with their router, which should be fun.

It is nice to see the fam, though. I don't get to see them often enough. I guess that happens when your dumbass decides a move to Austin is a good idea.

Now, speaking of a good idea... Chad. Mark. Do the words and music of Alan Thicke make you think about something that needs to be done?

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