Friday, March 21, 2008

Highlights for Children

I have more or less stopped watching sports highlight shows like SportsCenter. I used to watch them all the time. I do watch a fair amount of Baseball Tonight, I guess, and I will occasionally throw on Sportscenter, but there has to have been something pretty significant that I missed getting to see for me to tune in. Maybe it has been the dumbing down of SportsCenter. Maybe it was that retarded "Who's More Now?" bullshit they were doing last year. But I think it boils down to my having grown weary of their non-stop catch-phrasing and substanceless coverage of sports that has finally worn me down.

That being said, I do watch Inside the NBA. I watch it almost every week. Barkley is great. EJ holds down the fort well. The Jet has grown on me some. Their crew seems to have a good sense of humor, even if the end product of what they do is sometimes on the simple side of things. I think it boils down to Barkley, though. He just called Skip Bayless and Jay Mariotti numbskulls. Every week, if you tune in, you are going to get to hear Sir Charles call someone out. At this point, I really think this is the only program that is consistently entertaining. Moreover, I think Charles Barkley actually provides some pretty accurate analysis. And he'll give you gems like "Bill Cartwright is rolling over in his grave right now" when talking about the sorry state of the Chicago Bulls.

Maybe that's just me, though.

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Little Brother said...

Barkley's good. So good that you should go back on the Dan Patrick archive and listen to his interviews. They're even more entertaining than him on TV.

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