Sunday, September 14, 2008

Over before it began

I don't really know how much energy I can spend writing on the Chiefs.

Really, Whitlock, who I don't always agree with and isn't necessarily the greatest writer in the world, says what I want to here.

Honestly, I can't say whether or not I have ever seen a professional team play this poorly.

In any sport.

I'm a Royals fan.

I still stand by that statement.

The Chiefs are a joke in every aspect of the game. Well, except for punting. Dustin Colquitt is for the third straight season the team MVP. Bernard Pollard seems to be the only defensive player to have showed up to play for the second consecutive week.

I can safely say that I'll be glad to be spending next Sunday in airports rather than watching the Chiefs make me question my existence.

Clark, do what's right. Fire Carl Peterson. Don't wait. Do it now. Don't stop there, though. Fire Herm, too.

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