Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chiefs Predictions

Honestly, I can't be troubled to dedicate too much time to the Chiefs this year. I'll watch the games. I'll get pissed that Carl Peterson still has a job. I'll marvel at how bad the Chiefs are. I'll curse at the television. I'll cry myself to sleep each Sunday night.

All that being said, I'll give my brief predictions for the season.

Record: 3 - 13 (last place AFC West)

Pro Bowlers: 0

General Managers returning: 0

There is absolutely no reason to think this team will be better than last year. I think the offense will be so abysmal, perhaps even historically so, that anything the defense accomplishes (and I don't think there will be much good done on that end of the ball, either) will be entirely negated. The loss of Jared Allen will effectively kill their ability to penetrate the opponent's offensive line, and Dorsey clogging up the middle (for what one hopes will be 12 games) will not make up for the lack of an exterior pass rush.

It's not a good time to be a Kansas City sports fan, my brothers.

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