Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kila Watch--Watch Kila

So to tide y'all over until Kila Kaaihue's debut in less than 24 hours, here's John Sickel's take on him. Oh, and here's some more Kila hype from Craig over at MVN. It's sad that this is what our season has become in one short, or rather, long month, and we may not even get a good look at what the future may hold. Smarter men than me think this will be used as an opportunity to get him a few at-bats.

What's the point?

I get that they may not want to rush him, but he's 24. I get that they may want to see what Shealy has to offer--wait, no, I don't really get that. He's not the future, and he's out of options. Gload has no place past a utility guy and a good clubhouse presence. Kila's a man--a man that absolutely crushed the ball everywhere he went this year. Treat him like one.

More importantly, give the fans something. We've been given very little this year. We're still watching. Give us a reason to keep going.


While I'm looking to the future, here's a snippet giving props to Moore and crew on scoring the biggest coup of the draft.


Lastly, is it just me, or has being a Royals fan over this past month made us all feel like the little girl in this video?

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