Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Prick Tunes: Gastr del Sol "Seasons Reverse"

A mid-1990s band that was primarily the collaboration of David Grubbs (of Squirrel Bait and Bastro) and Jim O'Rourke, Gastr del Sol was wrapping up business in 1998 with their release Camofleur. Recorded in part at occasional band member John McEntire's Soma Electronic Music Studios, Camofleur was actually released just after O'Rourke left the band. Back when Pitchfork actually evaluated records on a 10.0 scale (not this horseshit everything-gets-between-a-6.8-and-8.6 scale that they've used since they got too big to be objective), they actually gave Camofleur a 9.6. "Seasons Reverse" is the first track off the record, and it speaks for itself.  

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