Friday, May 11, 2012

Breaking Down: This Is A Call, Breaking Bad To Get The Business

Queue up your Netflix/DVRs/DVD box sets, because Breaking Bad is about to be dissected in these here parts of the internet.

In honor of Season 5 of Breaking Bad, set for run in July, Inconsiderate Prick will be running a series of catch-up articles, featuring Craig Scholes and Shane England. If you’ve grown accustom to the back-and-forth wizardry of Wordy and Old Man on the Downton Abbey front, expect something similar, sans decorum. The breakdowns will start from the beginning, with the Season 1 banter to post late next week. If you haven’t joined the Breaking Bad party, or if the bandwagon never stopped by to pick you up, now is the time. Season 1 is only 7 episodes long; give it a whirl, and check back with us next week. Once the first 3 seasons have been rampaged, Season 4 will be recapped ep-by-ep weekly in prep for the ultimate, apocalyptic conclusion of Season 5. Enjoy a preview:
Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Stan Earnest: It has been said that it is troublesome to review episodic television plot point by plot point because the story lines have not yet been fulfilled.  The counter to that would be that a show’s purpose is to entertain, and if certain plot points are not entertaining, albeit the payoff, it doesn’t make for good TV. With that cumbersome preface, I have seen every episode of Breaking Bad, and, in my eyes, there is no show that can compare with it.  Every plot, every scene, every meandering chunk of pulp driftwood eventually ties itself together. Don’t blink. When an episode is paced in a slow burn, get the fingernails dirty searching for details, because something is about to blow up. Sometimes that something is human dignity, and that is what sets Breaking Bad apart from the standard fanfare. Can Mr. Chips really become Scarface? Time to find out.

Craig Scholes: I too have seen every episode of this show, and I’m not sure if it is my favorite show of all time, but I do know that it damn sure is entertaining. It’s crazy how this show has managed to keep getting bananas-ier and yet not seem absolutely absurd. I had no idea who that Mr. Chips chap was, but boy is that a great question. Knowing what I know without spoiling anything, it’s definitely easy to see how a man backed into a corner who has made some questionable decisions driven by intense desperation could evolve into a super mega bad guy. This show is great, and I have no regrets watching it over. On a lighter note, it’s amazing how many scenes of television Bryan Cranston has done wearing nothing but tighty whiteys.

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