Friday, May 18, 2012

Prick Tunes: Ben Folds Five "Do It Anyway"

There was a time where I waited with baited breath for anything Ben Folds was primed to release. As his working relationship with the Five got further in the rearview, his solo endeavors grew less and less appealing to me. Maybe it was just me. I know a lot of other Ben Folds fans who are huge fans of his solo material. I would venture to guess that it was probably just a growing in different directions between myself and the man whose music I dearly loved, especially given the fact that I did really like Fear of Pop Volume One. 

With the news coming out early this year that Ben Folds Five were going to reunite and record another album, hope for rekindling that flame became stronger. Here is the first song (in unfinished form, apparently) that has been given to the public to sample. Ben Folds, Darren Jessee, and Robert Sledge, friends.

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