Friday, February 17, 2012

Tube Steak: Craig Ferguson or GTFO - Morena Baccarin Edition

Why in the hell would you ever watch a talk show other than The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson? He had the gorgeous Morena Baccarin on Wednesday night, and holy shit was it hilarious. There's no other talk show on television where you get the sense of what the guests might actually be like. It's unhinged, anarchic, lewd. In other words, amazing.

She's like a sailor. A really hot sailor.

And because it sent me down the rabbit hole, here's more awesome/lewd Morena Baccarin on Ferguson.


Young Man Duggan said...

Her boobs are out in Homeland, but she was a book in V...holy crap did that show suck.

Josh Duggan said...

I tried watching V but could not make myself care. She's awesome in Firefly.

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