Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prick Tunes: Glen Hansard "Say It to Me Now"

Seeing this clip really makes you wish you'd been at Radio City Music Hall back in January of 2010 to see this show. Oscar(tm)-winner Glen Hansard--who the kids may know from Once/The Swell Season, the adults may know from The Frames, and the old school motherfuckers may know from The Commitments--has this preternatural ability to personalize a show so much that you feel as though you know him when you leave. He is personable, funny, frank, and loquacious on stage, and it is infectious. More importantly, though, it is moments like this one, sans mic or amp, that make the show feel so much more intimate than it ever should. When the song builds, it feels as though he is actually laying his soul bare with the rawness of the emotion hitting everybody in the audience. It is one of those rare transcendent moments that you hope to see at a concert that Hansard is somehow willing and able to give his audience more than a handful of times, sending chills up one's spine.

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