Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Prick Tunes: Crazy Town "Butterfly"

I usually don't do this because I try not to be mean-spirited in this space. Not liking something is one thing, but ripping the shit out of something/someone is an activity I generally try to avoid. Perhaps this is due to the fact that we as people in this web-based society have been able to make our world so insular as to limit our exposure to things to which we wouldn't generally find ourselves drawn, so I find myself exposed to media that I find reprehensible with such infrequency as to border on shockingly rare. Without such exposure to, well, shit, it has become increasingly easy to not end up saying nasty things.

Here is the exception.

Not Epic
"Butterfly" by Crazy Town might be the worst song ever. While talking about terrible fucking 'songs' at work, this was one of the first mentioned. If you have ever seen a bigger bunch of choadfuckers, I challenge you to point them out. One of them goes by the name Epic, which is quite possibly the douchiest thing I've ever heard. What's even better is he's the less douchy of the two rap-rock frontmen. Fuck. Tatted up, bleached hair, eye-brow ring toolshed and crew are apparently in the fucking jungle singing about some thin girl who is supposed to be attractive when he strikes a Christ pose and his fucking star tattoos on his shoulder become illuminated, free themselves from being pasted to a shithead that even they can't bear to be attached to anymore, and fly off into the sky, presumably to heaven where they will be granted access after enduring the punishment of having to have been attached to this preening stroke 'round the clock for years. Seeing this video (thankfully) for the first time, made me wish that I had a time machine so I could travel back in time and undo the existence of Crazy Town and force these douchers back to their jobs at the Pizza Hut in Encino, where a just world would certainly have left them.

Apparently, they're still a band, which is shocking to me and causes me to worry about the well-being of the world with these jagoffs on the loose.

Without further ado, a song that I wish I could abort*. Hell, hearing this song makes me wish I'd been aborted.

*Listening to Crazy Town may cause sterility.


Unknown said...

Some funny tidbitds... I saw these "guys" at Ozzfest in 03? And they were pretty much booed of the stage, I later heard they did the begged Sharon Osbourne to let them do the festival for free just to play live.

Also this was one of my favorite pop-up-vidoes ever... Oh and the main riff is sampled from a Chili Peppers song.

Josh Duggan said...

So awful. I'm shocked they didn't have to pay to play at Ozzfest.

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