Monday, February 6, 2012

Prick Tunes: Megafaun at the Moog Sound Lab

Just last week, Megafaun* went into the Moog Sound Lab to experiment with two of the tracks off of their most recent self-titled release. The songs chosen were "State/Meant" and "Hope You Know," with the album-cut of the latter having been prominently featured in a Toyota Camry ad during the Super Bowl. While these tunes are very different from their proper studio releases, the songs hold up well in their experimental form, which should really come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Megafaun, one of today's more adventurous bands.

*Insert obligatory Bon Iver/Justin Vernon shared origin story here.

Here is "State/Meant"

...and here is "Hope You Know," which will be followed by the proper album cut for perspective.

(and the beautiful album cut, as promised)

Megafaun is rambling across Europe--currently finding themselves stuck in one of the Benelux countries--through the rest of February and will recommence touring stateside in mid-March, rolling through Austin in April. Yes, a band is coming to Austin in the spring and is not only going to be here during the blight on this town that is SXSW. Tour dates are here.

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