Saturday, December 27, 2008

Whilst dicking around on the internet

I found out that Jason Isbell's new solo record is coming out February 17th. For those of you who aren't like, "Oh shit! A new Jason Isbell record!" Jason Isbell was a member of the Drive-By Truckers up until about two years ago. While he was mainly brought in because of his prodigious talents on guitar, by the time Decoration Day came out, he was contributing songs that were often some of the best tracks on some amazing records. The following were just a few:

"Goddamn Lonely Love" off of Dirty South

a live performance of the title track from Decoration Day from September of 2003

and maybe my favorite song of his "Outfit" originally recorded for Decoration Day but in this instance performed with his new band

Well, if you go to Jason Isbell's myspace page, you can stream his new single "Seven Mile Island", and I've got to tell you it's pretty fucking great. But you should decide on that yourself.

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