Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Best British Baseball Band Ever

Here is an example of something that does not happen nearly enough. Validation of The Outfield ahead:

While Play Deep, their debut album featuring the song covered above, has probably proven to be their work that has left a lasting impression on the public, their 1992 album Rockeye is the one that is nearest and dearest to my heart. When Michael Jordan and the Bulls were winning championships left and right, "Winning It All" was all over NBC's finals coverage to glorious effect. I want to say it was even present when the Bulls won their first title against Magic and the Lakers. If memory serves me correctly, the song was also over the closing credits of the first Mighty Ducks movie. To take you back to where I was then, I was in my living room in La Crescent, elated and this was on (the good stuff hits at about the 3:45 mark--the NBA does not want me to embed it, though).

And, if you'd like a taste of the song covered above, the video for the song is right here (this time there's Sony BMG to thank for me having to redirect you to YouTube). Here's the audio:

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