Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Three Steves and a Little Annuity

Upon dicking around on wikipedia for a while, I came across a strange little factoid:

When Steve Young signed his then record 10 year, $40 million contract with the L.A. Galaxy of the USFL, he agreed to have that money put in an annuity to pay him $1 million every year for 40 years in an effort to alleviate the strain on the less than solvent organization.

As of 2008, despite the team and league having gone bankrupt more than 20 years ago, Young still receives his annual check for $1,000,000.00.

Now of course, I got to this point while looking at the career of Steve DeBerg, who preceded Joe Montana, John Elway, and Steve Young as starting quarterbacks on successive teams.

When I look back at that Chiefs team that Steve DeBerg was a part of, I completely forgot about the other two quarterbacks on those teams: Ron Jaworski and Steve Pelluer. Now that I thought of Steve Pelluer, I wish I could forget him--much like I wish I could forget this season...

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