Friday, August 9, 2013

Name that Prop: One Last Gear Up for Breaking Bad's Final Episodes

As if your not already geeked-out enough about the last eight episodes, I posed a question to Mr. Scholes about what Breaking Bad prop he would most enjoy and the following top-10-list post grew out of it. Check back late Sunday night for episode five point nine commentary. 

 Craig Scholes:

1. Garage Roof Pizza - Because I'm kinda hungry
2. Walts epic 10 foot long fly swatter - Because you know flies kinda suck.
3. Gale Karaoke Machine - Clearly this would be used to make me even more of the life of the party.
4. Gale's badass Coffee Maker - Just to have, I actually hate coffee.
5. Twaughthammer Stage Banner - Just to spice up my digs a bit.
6. Teddy Bear Eye - Clearly the show abandoned what ever the fuck it was for, so give it to me.
7. Erlenmeyer Flask - For all of my Erlenmeyering needs.
8. Tio Salamanca's Bell - Just so I can easily announce when I've entered a room. ring ring.
9. Mega UHaul Electro Magnet - Because MAGNETS BITCH!
10. Carwash air freshener - It's been raining like a mother fucker lately and I have tendency to leave my windows down, so my car smells like a wet dog right now.

Stan Earnest:

1. The Aztek – This is a no-brainer, running over drug dealers is fun.
2. Danny Trejo turtle head – When you want to really scare the fuck out of your guests.
3. Los Pollos Hermanos bucket of chicken- Because I bet that shit is delicious.
4. Beneke mug – This will set outside my house to be used as an ashtray for guests.
5. Hank Schrader DEA badge – I’m bald, so this could be used as a killer Halloween prop.
6. Vamonos Pest stage equipment carriers – To hide guitar equipment.
7. Gale inscribed Walt Whitman book – For some good toilet reading.
8. The storage unit money – I’d put this in the middle of my living room for about a day before I tried to spend it all.
9. Saul Goodman LWYRUP New Mexico license plate – Man cave wall hanging.
10. Jesse Pinkman’s Roomba – Maybe it could find all those guitar picks I’ve lost…YEAH, BITCH!!!

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