Sunday, August 25, 2013

Breaking Down: Breaking Bad Season Five, Episode Eleven

"Confessions" brings us one intense ride into the depths of Heisenberg’s hell. Walt blackmails Hank and Jesse knows. JESSE KNOWS. 

We know Walt. WE KNOW.
Stan Earnest: Speechless.

Craig Scholes: I think Landry is going to have to get his hands dirty again.

SE: I know he didn't tell the Uncles of Anarchy the whole story. He kind of left out that one little detail at the end.

CS: Uncles of Anarchy...LOVE IT!

SE: I stole that from the good folks over at the Breaking Good podcast. 

CS: If you are going to steal Uncles of Anarchy from Breaking Good, I’m going to steal Skysenberg from Talking Bad

SE: The guys at Bald Move should get some serious dibs anyhow. They just jam out with their clams out every week.

CS: I once had deer oysters, but that isn't the same thing.

SE: I can't even put odds on what happens next week. We already have Jesse completely flipped. This is insane. You know what? Fuck it. I'm just going to wax poetic right off the top. This episode is titled "Confessions," and wouldn't it be fitting that Walter's confession is just another scheme, Heisenberg at his best, manipulating every person along the way. He flipped Junior like a burnt pancake. Speaking of breakfast food, why did Walt even try to manipulate Flynn? He could have just started cooking pancakes and bacon. 

CS: Heisenberg is a master schemer.

SE: Along with Walt's "confession," we get a Marie confession, a Saul confession, and, of course, Hank confessing to Jesse.

CS: Actually, Walt had two confessions.

And I killed Jane and poisoned Brock and ate Jesse's soul.
SE: Did you have any thought at all that the Walt confession was an actual confession? I love how Breaking Bad is always fucking with me, just when I have the slight twinge that the show is going to go normal and we get a real Walt confession, nope, still a bad ass show.

CS: Oh yeah, should have known better.  This show is the master of the “okie dokie.”

SE: I'm still floored that Jesse has found out this early on, so how many episodes does Jesse have to live now? One? Two?

CS: Jesse ain't dying. He's too street crafty.

SE: I love that we do these chats while Low Winter Sun is playing. How the hell do they think that show even comes close to anything else they have? Hell, I'd rather watch that Small Town Security show. Well, at least Low Winter Sun provides comedic relief.

CS: I immediately switch to The Newsroom.

SE: Am I the only one that actually had sympathy for Walt when Jesse called him out? Walt is dead inside. He can't feel anything Jesse is telling him, but he still has this weird father/son thing going on. He had Jesse there for a few hours. Saul flipped like a little bitch on Walt though. I think he needs to take a trip to Belize.

CS: No way Saul makes it out alive. And I can't feel bad for Walt, I just don't have any sympathy for that level of narcissistic sociopathy.  Though I guess he isn't a true sociopath since he does have some concern for his family. Though Tony Soprano did also. 

SE: Better Call Saul is going to definitely be a prequel.

CS: A prequel would be better than a sequel anyway.  The show couldn't have any innocence as a sequel.

SE: I loved when Walt told Jesse that he wishes he could trade positions with him. If Walt really thinks about that, he would realize he was saying that he wanted to be manipulated by himself, which--at this point--is what is happening. Walt is so far in he is convincing himself to bring everybody else into his personal hell firsthand, and Skysenberg is head-first. There is definitely some twisted form of masochism in that line because, really, the only person that can punish Walt is Walt, right? And that is essentially what he did with the Whitman book.

If you get this ecard from someone, call Saul.
CS: Thank god we haven't seen the scene of Skysenberg pegging Walt. Walt enjoys the thrill of being caught though--maybe not actually being caught--but just being ahead of everyone else in the cat and mouse game. I don't think there is any way Walt doesn't go down in a blaze of glory because he is just too stubborn to admit any wrongdoing

SE: Next week's episode description kills me: "An unusual strategy starts to bear fruit, while plans are set in motion that could change everything." This could be the description for every episode of Breaking Bad.

CS: Jesus.  Might as well just say. "Walt deceives his loved ones while he does bad shit."

"Things happen, but you won’t see it coming"


SE: Maybe we get a flash forward where the Dr. Pepper man finds a frozen .38 snub.

CS: How in the hell has Walt not used a little coin to arsenal up?

SE: Because he is so fucking bold that he thinks he doesn't need it.

CS: Oh, he needs it. He needs it bad. We really haven't gotten a taste of what Jesse will or won't do.

SE: I think the Mexican restaurant scene is definitely a sign of the times to come. They tried a little comedy and realized that no comedy can be had in this intense family affair. This is elephant shit hitting the fan.

CS: Quite the "Mexican standoff" in the Mexican restaurant.

SE: The future White residence wasn't burnt up right? So I figure we are going to get one hell of a standoff before Jesse can set the fire. I predict the .38 snub will get used and Skysenberg is going to help cleanup. That is too simple though, too simple for this show.

CS: There might have been some minor flame damage, but no, the place didn't get torched. I bet Hank catches him though with that tail.

SE: There are only five episodes left, and at this point, that seems like a LOT.

CS: Yeah, this is going to be just an absurd level of one-upsmanship.

SE: I know I'm going to end up scouring the internet looking at theories, I hope I don't come across anything the level of that info I had on the first episode where I saw everything coming.

CS: I don't get how you can do that.  I just want to bite down on a leather strap and take what Breaking Bad gives me.

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