Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Prick Tunes: Seven Mary Three "That's How Strong My Love Is"

This isn't an OMD selection folks, just doing my best to fill in. Hope you like it.

Seven Mary Three is just a band, an American band. They like it that way, no frills, just music. I remember three Fourth of July's: the one in '93 that was rained out when I was 13 and started the Flood of '93; last year's, sitting under the local fireworks display with my children "oooo"-ing and "ahhhh"-ing; and about three in a row from '98-'00 that all blend together, parties with a group of friends that worshiped Seven Mary Three like they were the Led Zeppelin of our time.

Seven Mary Three rode in the wave of early '90s grunge rock and got lost in the shuffle along the way. The problem is that, however standard their debut American Standard was--it still stands as a great exemplary album of that era--Seven Mary Three continued to produce amazing and different albums. I don't know if they suffered a labeling problem or if they just fit a niche that isn't that popular, straight-up rock mixed with genuine, contrite-free themes, but they seem to reinvent their music every few years and keep on truckin' like no one ever told them they were supposed to disappear years ago. I am very thankful for their solitude. Want a good rock album? Check out Economy of Sound. Want a thoughtful album for a country drive? Check out Day and Nightdriving. Here is an Otis Redding cover live. It's hard to pluck something from the catalog that is a cover and features a telecaster-less Jason Ross, but this one illuminates the pure Americana rock/soul sound that Seven Mary Three is capable of producing. Happy Fourth of July.

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