Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hall of Fame reflections

Obviously, yesterday was a big day for Goose. Now someone who gets a Hall of Fame vote actually voted for Todd Stottlemeyer. The gents over at think maybe this is why.

I, for one am glad Jack Morris did not make it in again. For arguments against his inclusion (or at least against the misguided notion that he was the best pitcher of the 1980's), you can go here (the entry on January 8th), here (and his follow-up here), here,
or maybe here, and lastly here. I'm glad there are so many who have done my work for me because I'd really hate to argue my point to the extent that these folks (and so many others like them) have done.

Now I'd love to wax poetic on why guys like Dale Murphy should be in the Hall, but I'm tired.

I'll leave you this little nugget, from another also-ran...

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bulb said...

I responded to your Poz blog comment re: The Departed. So do you cruise around Town Lake?

Two Stanford-era friends of mine live in Austin as well; I had a great visit their a few years ago and am returning in April.


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