Monday, January 21, 2008

Football thoughts...

My condolences go out to Packers fans across the country. The Packers are probably the only team in the NFL I actively root for outside of the Kansas City Chiefs. I have a lot of friends and family who are die-hard Packers fans. It was a tough break. They're young, though. Hopefully next time they get to go at things in a little better weather, as this team seems to be much more reliant on a passing game that is aided quite a bit by less inclement conditions.

In two weeks, the Patriots can hopefully put to rest the '72 Dolphins champagne ritual. Good. I'm tired of that nonsense.

Now, I'm sure if you've been watching football this season, you've seen that irritating ad where Howie Long pulls up in his truck and offers to pick the guy who's stranded on the side of the road. It was on about 30 times today. During the first game, I turned to my not-yet-crushed Packers fan friend, Chad, and stated that were I in Stranded Guy's situation and Howie Long pulled up, I'd say, "Keep drivin', asshole." An hour or so later, my friend Mark, a fellow Chiefs fan who had since joined us, saw the same commercial and without any knowledge of what I had said earlier, stated, "If I was stranded in the desert and Howie Long pulled up, I'd say, 'Keep drivin', asshole'." The moral of this story is: Firestorm sucked.

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