Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Full Disclosure

I have a confession to make. I watch House.

It used to be that I would just watch it if it happened to be on. If I was at the old apartment on a Friday night before going out--well, to be truthful, I more than likely was not going out--I would usually catch an episode on USA.

And I enjoyed it.

He's an asshole. A prick, if you will.

Like me.

I used to feel some shame about this secret viewing habit of mine.

Now I don't. In fact, I've been renting (well, renting implies a payment is being made, which does not happen) the DVDs because I wanted the full backstory on all of the characters. I'm getting that and so much more.

House fucking rules.

There. I said it.

Now I am going to go to the gym, probably do more harm to my body than good, and then I'll watch an episode of House or two. Hell, I might even watch three episodes. Then I will convince myself that I have multiple illnesses and await my imminent death over the coming night.

If I do die tonight, I bid you all (or you zero readers) adieu.

1 comment:

"little brother" said...

House is maintaining it's awesomeness by keeping 13 on the show. He tricked the shit out of Cuddie

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