Sunday, December 30, 2007

Week 17

The Chiefs completed their historic season by losing to the New York Jets. In doing so, (as far as I can decipher) they appear to have wrapped up at worst the fourth pick of the 2008 NFL Draft. About one month prior to the draft, they will flip a coin with the Atlanta Falcons for the third pick. If the Chiefs win that toss, the Falcons and the Raiders will flip for the fourth pick. The Chiefs have the tie-breaker over both the Jets (strength of schedule) and the Raiders (conference record), and as such can pick no lower than fourth. Way to go on an historic nine-game losing streak Chiefs! Also in that article is the good news that both Herm and Carl Peterson will be back next year.


I give up.

I think I may be done.

What bullshit.

In better news, those arrogant old bastards from the '72 Dolphins didn't get to pop the corks on that champagne yet. I can't help but be reminded of Shula whining about an asterisk.

Update: Apparently the coin toss will go off as soon as tomorrow. All the confusion should be set to rest then.

Update #2: The Chiefs will pick either 4th or 5th, not 3rd or 4th. The Chiefs apparently edged out the Raiders for 3rd in the division as they had a better record against common opponents. Convoluted.

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