Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Iron & Wine show at La Zona Rosa

First things first: I'm what some would call 'hammered' so expect very little from this post...

The Iron & Wine show was about as I'd expected. What I expected was greatness. That's what I received.

At various points during the show, I felt like I'd been sucked into a swampy bar outside of Memphis with the three guitars and piano mesmerizing me. Almost all of the songs had been completely re-arranged from not only the album versions but from how they'd been playing the older tunes last time I saw them (which was about a year ago). Many of the songs this time around were turned into medleys of sorts to form epic tunes ten minutes long but never loosening their grip on your attention. And while the arrangements occasionally approached the realm of jam, they never went past that fine line.

Were I slightly less drunk, I'd be able to elaborate more, but that is not the case unfortunately. My apologies.

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