Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So I caved

and watched the Chiefs game over the weekend. I won't spend too much time dwelling on it, but I will spend some time on why the other shitty teams in the NFL should start playing better. The Chiefs are awful. They need a better draft pick than they're in line for now. If they lose out (which they should because they're atrocious--watching them is like having war crimes inflicted upon your people), they still may only have the eighth pick of the draft. That's messed up. They're way worse than the eighth worst team in the league. I'm crossing my fingers for a top five pick and a shot at Jake Long, personally. They are in dire need of a left tackle, and a first-round-caliber left tackle
at that. Let all Chiefs Nation start the Long Watch now (and not for that son of an asshole Howie Long, Jr.).

For now, I shall turn my focus towards the Packers. I may not even watch the Chiefs this week. For real. After all, what's the point?

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