Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Prick Tunes: The Who "Pictures of Lily"

While entirely unintentional, it would seem as though the two songs from this week have forced me into a theme of men having unhealthy dealings with the fairer sex. As Prick Tunes is a new feature, I feel like I should assure you that I am not a misogynist even though this week will do nothing to contradict that argument. Hopefully next week I can do something to dispel any such notions, although now that I have said that I will surely do something horribly sexist.

Today's selection is an ode to the objectification of women (and hours of self-gratification go hand in hand) as passed down from father to adolescent son penned by a man once alleged to be in possession of child pornography. And then there's Roger Daltrey's hair in the video, which really could justifiably be reclassified as a sex crime. Men are great...

Released as a single in 1967 and then slapped on the end of Magic Bus, a slipshod collection of previously released material from A Quick One and The Who Sell Out along with some B-sides, "Pictures of Lily" was apparently inspired by a picture of an old Vaudevillian star (likely Lillie Langtry) who died in 1929 as mentioned at the end of the song, making this very much akin to tomorrow's selection.

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