Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Prick Tunes: Gerry Rafferty "Right Down the Line"

It's entirely possible that I've put this video up before.

This matters little to me.

I get weird about Gerry Rafferty. A few years back, I bought City to City on a lark, having found a copy for about $4.00 at Half-Price Books on North Lamar. It's the sort of record that can be found at just about every store that has a bunch of old records for less than $5.00.

I bought it because "Baker Street" was on it, and I sort of thought that it'd be funny to have that in the arsenal.

Instead, I found myself the proud owner of a fucking great album with this song striking an even deeper chord with me than the outstanding "Baker Street." One listen will explain it all. "Right Down the Line" is mind-blowingly good and is one of my favorite songs ever recorded. In the history of music.

Unfortunately for the world, Gerry Rafferty died last year. The world lost an angel. An angel who wrote this sweet-ass song.


SRL said...

Not long ago I heard "Baker Street" while flipping through XM and had it stuck in my head the rest of the day. Especially the sax solo. I was cool with it.

"Right Down The Line" veers uncomfortably (or comfortably, if you like) toward Yacht Rock.

Josh "Old Man" Duggan said...

I'd venture to say comfortably. It's weird to lump this Scotsman in with the likes of Loggins and Messina or late-70s Doobs, though.

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